Rugged, reliable and automated GPS tracking for Construction Industry..

Not only does reducing operational costs significantly affect the bottom line, but construction fleet automated with GPS tracking also directly impacts employee productivity and customer service.

Considering the value of heavy equipments & machinery used in the construction industry, cost of implementing GPS vehicle tracking system is so negligible and the benefits are awesome.

Be in charge of your fleet

Promise'2'Secure’s vehicle IN/OUT management solution resolves the problem of unauthorized vehicle usage, irregular driving patterns, and unplanned stops. Easily accessed historical data allows you to create optimized vehicle routes. When implemented together with trip schedule, it allows you to quickly identify possible unauthorized vehicle usage or route deviations.

Reduce your operating costs

Construction companies fail when their budget prediction goes wrong. Fleet used in construction industry consume huge quantities of fuel and if your staffs misuse these equipments through unauthorized usage or excessive idling, results are even worse. An automation system will help you regain control over fuel usage. Knowing the characteristics of how the vehicle is driven will allow you to reinforce operational practices based on available data. Review those who indulge in speeding, harsh braking, and heavy acceleration risking driver and vehicle safety.

Recover stolen vehicles/assets

There are few things more annoying than trying to run a fleet when one of the vehicles becomes misplaced due to a theft incident or someone towing it away. We do know how expensive the equipment/vehicle is, and if it’s stolen, apart from loss of a resource, you will still have a lot of issues to deal with. You wouldn’t even know how long it will take you to have the vehicle recovered without a lot of hassle. Once you have a GPS tracking device installed in your heavy equipment, you could track it down the next moment and even notifies the officials quickly if that makes it easy to recover.

Reduce theft attempts on your assets

Let’s forget about what we could do once the vehicles are stolen and think what we could do to reduce theft attempts. What if you could get alerted the next moment when your vehicles are taken out of the parking space? What if you could get alerted when the door is opened or ignition is switched on? That’s right, fleet automation is the key to your success in efficiently managing your fleet force.

Extend your vehicle/asset life

Maintenance of heavy equipments in construction sites is one other cost concern, each minute wasted on project site could damage your entire project schedule, reputation and profit. Getting reminded on time of periodic services will help you avoid these unexpected down times or challenges caused, and that’s where a simple GPS tracking system fails to meet your expectations, try fleet automation.

Prevent unauthorized usage

Fact is you still do not know if your vehicles are being used at the sites as required or being taken away for unauthorized tasks in between. There are many times when a fleet owner suspects their drivers may be using company vehicles for personal reasons. This puts the company at increased risk, and adds more wear on the vehicles. A few extra hours out could earn the drivers & site supervisors a lot of money. Creating authorized work zones as virtual fences on map (geofences) could help you reduce unauthorized usage as the system sends you alert once vehicle is out of the created geofence.

A few reasons Transportation/Delivery companies chose us..

Is your business having difficulties making accurate delivery estimates? Are your customers getting upset at the long wait times and late deliveries?

As your business grows and you have to send out more and more deliveries, managing the logistics of your fleet becomes increasingly complicated. If you are struggling with managing your delivery fleet, then it may be time to invest in some new tools for your growing business.

Get things done on time

When your vehicle cover numerous locations/stops a day, wouldn’t it be easy to create and organize routes, so all delivery points are in line. And if you could serve at least one more customer than usual with the time saved, it’s profitable. If the route changes every day or with every trip, you cannot pre-schedule your trips, but you could still make use of the traffic layers to identify peak routes and get things done without delays, and can also warn of routes not to take that would cause delays.

Save time & money

Every minute spent idling on road for no given reason is wastage of your money, time & resources. Real time notifications on unauthorized stops & excessive idling could save you a significant amount of money. Moreover you could gain control over your assets, delivery schedules & field staffs; if you get a report on idling instances done by your on-field staffs, you get a clear idea on how to improve your services.

Be more predictable on possible delays

Unorganized trips & undefined routes could add havocs to your delivery schedules. Creating pre-planned schedules with defined routes & stops help you control your trips en-route. Configuring notifications to be received in case of delayed deliveries or route deviations will help you notify the customer in advance, so you could play the responsible service owner before they come up with complaints.

Deal with delayed deliveries

There could be times when things go wrong even after doing every possible way to get things done on time. And your client starts calling you asking for the whereabouts of his package. Doesn’t matter what you say, chances of convincing them are very less over the phone; share your vehicle location with clients & let the clients do their shipment tracking live so they don’t need to call you again.

How Emergency services can benefit from GPS Tracking..

Where seconds and minutes are valuable, often rescue services like hospitals/emergency rescue teams, police stations etc take time to choose, organize and route the appropriate emergency vehicle to the right spot in least time.

If the idea of bringing benefits by installing your trucks with GPS tracking devices sounds good to you, why not see an online demo on Promise '2' Secure fleet automation system?

Deal with emergency real quick

When there is an emergency, first thing authorities would want to do is get the nearest team on spot at the earliest. Trying to call all ambulance drivers on road to know their locations is not the right way to go about it; it takes time. With the help of GPS tracking devices installed in ambulances/fire trucks, you could find out the vehicles nearby the incident/accident location, just get the driver contact number and assign them the task.

Optimize emergency response routes

If nearest vehicle to the incident/accident location is a bit far, you may want to know the best possible way to reach there quickly. Road traffic data could be of help, so you can just have a look at the map and hand over the most optimum route to the location. This is also practical when emergency vehicles are heading back to medical service facilities. That’s right, GPS vehicle tracking can even save lives.

Avoid breakdowns/downtimes

We don’t have to tell you how important the role of vehicle’s health in emergency services are. You cannot suffer a single breakdown or downtime, cause that may result in loss of human lives. Primary thing you should consider while buying a GPS tracking system for ambulances, fire trucks or any other emergency teams is, if the system you choose can notify you on its periodic services or scheduled maintenance.

Keep meds/drugs in recommended temperature

High valued medicines/pharmaceutical drugs kept in fridges/freezers of ambulances could go useless with a minor temperature variation within. And what if you are finding it out at the time of an emergency and you are left without an alternative? You can avoid such instances by connecting the temperature sensors to get notified as soon as there’s a temperature variation.

GPS vehicle tracking units helps you regain control on your rented cars..

An industry where loss or damage to one vehicle can lead to potential loss within hours; implementing GPS tracking can help improve service levels, decrease risk factors involved, reduce operational costs and gain maximum value on investment.

Installing GPS tracking devices helps you gain total control on your rented cars, no matter wherever they go.

Avoid illegal/unlawful usage

Though the profit stakes are high, whole investment capital is always at the mercy of clients. Rented cars may be used for illegal/unlawful activities apart from the usual transportation purposes, fact is you have no idea why your vehicles are being rented for. It’s always better to have a real time idea on vehicle locations & in case of suspicions, you can remotely immobilize* the vehicle to recover it with ease later on.

Quickly recover stolen/missing vehicles

Headaches never end in car rental industry; rented vehicles gone missing or stolen, causes huge financial liabilities to car rental companies. GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in these cars could help you recover the missing ones with ease. Or, you could talk to the customer, get an understanding on geographic locations he/she’s going to cover and then create virtual areas (geofences) on map to get notified when your car leaves set boundaries.

Evaluate customer’s driving behaviour

Customers with reckless driving behaviour causes havoc & loss, more than profit. Setting speed limits in accordance with road speed data helps you identify those who could gain speeding tickets. Now you have a speed report in hand, why not keep a part of the security deposit with you forecasting the fines that’s on the way. And for those customers who took care of your vehicle well, offer an appreciation gift with a smile and get repeat customers.

Extend your fleet life

One of the core factors that decides profit in car rental sector is how long you successfully operate your business with the same vehicles. A breakdown or downtime could cause huge stirs in your schedules, so it’s important to know when a periodic service or maintenance has to be performed on each vehicle. After all, you do not want your customers to be stranded in the midst of nowhere on your car, cause that sounds a failed business.

Make your customers feel secure

A customer renting your car may have confusions in describing its position in case of a car breakdown or accident. With fleet automation, you will have multiple ways to get known on such incidents, maybe an SOS buzzer fitted on car dashboard, or an automated alert on accident event. All you need to do is, just track down the vehicle on map, find out the exact location & send a nearby auto garage technician to fix it or arrange back up.

Just in-time distribution with the help of GPS Tracking..

Even a minor temperature variation in reefers or delay in trips could disrupt the entire schedules and cause huge potential loss in business. Implementation of GPS tracking systems in FMCG trucks can benefit you in numerous ways.

From drivers to delivery agents to your clients and everyone in between; automating is simplifying logistics operation and getting in charge, in control.

Save time, fuel & money with optimized routes

Organizing & scheduling school bus routes by including all bus stops in line helps you save fuel by a great deal. You could avoid wrong turns & traffic peak routes while scheduling, so the busses would never be late to reach school. Not just that, assigning appropriate routes would help parents & kids too, they can avoid waiting long times for school bus to reach their bus stops. Wouldn’t it be great if parents can track trip progress too?

Ensure student safety while pick up/drop off

Believe it or not, there’s nothing more frustrating for the parents waiting to pick their kid at bus stop realizes that he/she is not their on the bus. What if you could know that the kid has not boarded bus once it starts and take appropriate action immediately. School bus tracking is not just about tracking bus in real time, it’s about ensuring safety & security of students, ensuring they have boarded & got off safely, be it at school or their house.

Peace of mind for parents

With the number of child abduction & missing cases increasing day by day, offering increased student safety values to parents helps you take your school reputation to new heights. Let the parents track school bus in real time using a desktop/laptop or even a mobile and receive notifications on each happening (student reaches school, boards bus etc) and stay stress-free throughout the day.

Avoid child abduction incidents

Utilizing GPS tracking technology clubbed with RFID cards help keep your children safe. An advanced GPS tracking device can confirm whether a child has boarded & got off the wrong bus. Similarly, knowing their kid has boarded assigned bus & travelling to the right location, provides surety to parents that they are safe and in case of any unusual happenings (gets down at wrong stop, not boarded bus from school etc), parents receive immediate notifications.

Evaluate driving pattern & reduce accident risks

Heartbreaking stories of school bus accidents being frequent nowadays, wouldn’t it be good enough to keep monitoring your school bus drivers’ performance on road all the while? With driver identification devices configured to GPS tracking devices, getting notifications when vehicle speeds over set limit, does a harsh braking, sudden acceleration or sharp cornering help you pinpoint the risky driver and take immediate action to avoid accidents.

School bus tracking ensures student safety..

There’s nothing more uneasy than a parent knowing his/her kid did not reach home after school hours. It makes total sense to have GPS vehicle tracking systems installed in your school buses to ensure safety of students, coz that’s when you add value to your educational services.

Having the ability to track your school buses at any given moment means that you also have the ability to locate your driver and students more quickly.

Deliver on time, win more business

Time is money & time costs money, especially when your core focus is in FMCG industry. Each delayed delivery would have to be answered cause that brings down your clients’/dealers business and consequently yours. Manually assigning routes & trip schedules to your FMCG trucks results in unoptimized routes, missed delivery points & delayed deliveries. Why take a chance when you can optimize and automate all your trips with appropriate routes & stops using a GPS vehicle tracking system?

Cut down fuel expenses

Unoptimized routes, speeding, reckless driving, excessive idling etc of your trucks could all result in increased fuel expenses. Bottom line is, with the absence of an automated GPS truck tracking system, you’re wasting your money. And in case of quick requirements or delivery requests, why not redirect one of the trucks nearby client site to fulfill customer requirements instead of dispatching an idle truck at warehouse (far away from client site) for a single delivery.

Monitor driver working hours

Unauthorized truck use & lazy work patterns bring you nothing, but losses. But to know this, you must identify drivers who do unlawful activities with your trucks. Implementation of driver identification & authorization devices like iButtons or RFID’s in your trucks help you know exactly when your drivers start work, how long they take for lunches and breaks, and when they stop working for the day, without relying on manual time sheets.

Avoid damage of perishable goods

Your FMCG trucks carry perishable goods for long duration of time to be delivered at dealers, distribution centers or client sites. These materials require constant monitoring, even a minor temperature fluctuation within the reefer can bring a huge potential loss in your monthly business statistics. Keep monitoring reefer temperature levels real time & get alerted in occasions of a temperature fluctuation, rectify it asap to avoid losses.

Acquire new business contracts

If your company uses a GPS tracking system that could optimize & automate trip schedules, use geo fences to limit unauthorized vehicle usage and reduce delivery delays, offer anti-theft features to offer maximum security to client goods,trigger reminders to maintain vehicle health, generate alerts on temperature variations and do many more tasks, you are already offering the best possible services to your clients; you just need to let them know & win new contracts.