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Promise '2' secure GPS tracking system is a reliable and secure solution for all tracking needs.

GPS and GSM based live tracking systems

Promise ‘2’ Secure Positioning Software is an extremely advanced complete automatic location and security system. It uses a combination of GPS location technology, wireless communication network and different mapping utilities publicly available to provide accurate location of the object in any part of the globe with ability to completely control the same.

Promise ‘2’ Secure Automatic Location System consists of a Promise ‘2’ Secure AL unit, a two way communications link between the tracker and the user and a web based tracking software for tracking, monitoring and control. The communication system is usually a cellular network similar to the one used by your cellular phone.In order to ensure effective functioning of the features of Promise ‘2’ Secure GPS Vehicle Tracking services, the tracker must be connected properly with the electrical system of the vehicle.

The tracker should be connected to the Internet with mobile communication network via GPRS link and also GPS satellite signals to be available & operating under the coverage area of the vehicle.