Promise '2' Secure

Manage history, reports, events and notifications, remote
device control, custom billing, mobile phone tracking apps
and 20+ closely supported GPS trackers.

Customized Hardware & Software Solution!!

We provide 100% customizable hardware and software
solutions for you tracking needs. No matter how
advance is your requirement, we deliver it..

Getting started with GPS tracking

Promise '2' Secure can monitor thousands of targets, and display their
location on maps with crystal clear detail right down
to street level in a web browser and mobile app.

Why Promise '2' Secure

Reduce Fuel Costs & Maintenance

Analyze and optimize routes, leading to lower fuel costs and less vehicle maintenance.

Enhance Customer Service

Serve your customers better by offering accurate arrival/delivery estimates.

Eliminate or Reduce Overtime

Effectively manage your fleet with real-time GPS to reduce labor costs.

Improve Fleet Productivity

Calculate travel time and job completion to improve productivity.


Promise ‘2’ Secure GPS Positioning Software is an extremely advanced complete automatic location and security system. It uses a combination of GPS location technology, wireless communication network and different mapping utilities publicly available to provide accurate location of the object in any part of the globe with ability to completely control the same. Promise ‘2’ Secure Automatic Location System consists of a Promise ‘2’ Secure AL unit, a two way communications link between the tracker and the user and a web based tracking software for tracking, monitoring and control.

The communication system is usually a cellular network similar to the one used by your cellular phone. In order to ensure effective functioning of the features of Promise ‘2’ Secure GPS Vehicle Tracking services, the tracker must be connected properly with the electrical system of the vehicle. The tracker should be connected to the Internet with mobile communication network via GPRS link and also GPS satellite signals to be available & operating under the coverage area of the vehicle.


Reduce Vehicle Operating Costs

Timely maintenance of your vehicles is an easy way to keep your fleet’s operating costs under control. With GPS tracking software, you’ll be able to record and schedule the maintenance of your fleet vehicles.

Eliminate Employee Fraud

Sadly in today’s workplace, employee fraud occurs regardless of fleet size. By using GPS tracking on your vehicles, many cases of unauthorized usage or overtime abuse are prevented.

Document Routes Driven and Stops

GPS tracking software gives you tools you need to hold your workforce accountable throughout the workday. The real time information puts you “in the vehicle” with your driver and allows you to effectively manage your fleet from any location and setting up automated alerts will keep you in communication at all times.

Improve Vehicle Utilization

GPS tracking solutions give you the tools you need to optimize your driver routes. You also get the ability to make informed decisions when dispatching your vehicles to work sites by minimizing driving time and allowing your workforce to spend more time with your customers.

Reduce Downtime of Field Employees

GPS tracking software gives you real time information and accurate reporting of your mobile workforce. This information can be used to track any unnecessary vehicle usage and cut down on employee downtime.

Manage Field Personnel Actively

Having real time locations information for your fleet allows you to actively monitor and manage your vehicles. GPS tracking software gives you the ability to calculate the time it takes your workforce to travel to and complete tasks, effectively giving you the opportunity to complete more jobs each day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tracking vehicles helps you reap benefits, but it’s not always just about vehicle tracking, there’s much more you could get with fleet automation to cut down your operational losses.

Promise '2' Secure is a cloud based platform for automating fleet operation. It uses GPS/GPRS technologies to track and monitor vehicles, personnel, cargo using GPS devices.
Your data is only used to provide the services you want, and you have full control over what is collected and how it is used. Our service uses best-in-class security infrastructure and meet most of the security compliances.
Of-course. Promise '2' Secure fleet automation is now available on Android & iOS devices too; monitor your fleet 24/7. We focus on bringing the information that you require, right towards you and that is where we stay different.
After GPS tracking device is installed in your vehicles, send email to our activation team with your company name and device serial number. You will then be provided with an online account login name and password.

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